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The second instalment of our guide to the best business books around looks at three more volumes which should find a place on the shelf of any self respecting entrepreneur, director or manager.
Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage, by Daniel Esty and Andrew Winston.
It's quite sad to consider that, up until recently, a huge number of big business operators considered environmental concerns and profit to be exclusive pursuits which could not be part of the same strategy. Luckily that perception has shifted in the last few years and this 2006 guide book shows business owners how to keep with that trend. Not only do Esty and Winston outline the importance of environmentally sound practices, they also show how refusing to commit to a more eco-friendly approach results in bad relationships with the customer base in future.
On Competition, by Michael Porter
In the world of competitive strategy there are few names that draw as much water as Michael Porter. On Competition is, essentially, a compendium of his most innovative articles and most effective philosophies. The stress with Porter is always on results as oppose to theory. Really, you cannot afford to go into business without having at least a glance at his work.
What Is Management? How it Works and Why it's Everyone's Business, by Joan Margretta and Nan Stone
The essential point at the heart of this innovative 2002 text is that management goal setting and plan making strategies are not just the reserve of people in business, they are central parts of the way we all live our lives. This might all sound terribly abstract and airy but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a clear, concise, comprehensive read which details the real impact on management throughout the world of business.

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